Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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Tiger's Eye Bracelet. Set in a simple Sterling Silver setting with alternating round and cat's eye shaped stones. Approximately 19 cm maximum long adjustable. Generic photograph tiger eye silver bracelet

Tiger's eye
Alternate names; tigers eye or tiger eye, gold tiger's eye, gold tiger eye, gold tigers eye
Quartz replacing asbestos (either gold or crocidolite (blue)) and showing chatoyancy due to the fibrous asbestos structure (similar to, but not the same as, cat's eye); colours include; gold/yellow/brown, blue hawk's eye, red falcon's eye.
Common source: South Africa
Astrological associations; Capricorn
Chakra; solar plexus
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe tiger's eye helps tummies, digestion (ideas), disorders, wind, emotional nausea. Balance, bloody mindedness, courage, inhibitions, introversion, fear, eyes, grounding, negativity, narrow mindedness, said to be good for nocturnal vision, sharpens the mind, absent distant remote healing (especially through meditation), investigations (police, scientist, insurers, accountants, etc), intuition and gut feeling, depression, a Feel Better Stone, helps you get up and go for it, worry, yin/yang, right/left brain balance, new beginnings, wealth, calm, turmoil, structure.

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