Chrysanthemum stone palm stone

Chrysanthemum stone palm stone

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Chrysanthemum stone palm stone hand shaped so each one is unique. Approximate size 6 - 8cm. Generic photographs, you will receive one hand polished Chrysanthemum stone palm stone similar to those in the photograph.
Chrysanthemum stone
Called chrysanthemum stone because of its unique patterns which resemble flowering chrysanthemums. These patterns are created in the stone by celestite crystals growing through the black rock.
This stone awakens your true purpose in life and the celestite crystals within promote your dreams, goals and ideals in you have for your life. The dark rock keeps you grounded while you follow your dreams and chase your goals. Make your move and step boldly onto your path and chrysanthemum stone will bring unexpected opportunities and good fortune.
Chrysanthemum stone brings with it energy that helps you overcome obstacles to joy, love and abundance.
It balances your physical and spiritual self. It is said that the flower pattern represents the burst of energy that is love, joy and abundance and brings these into your life.
This unique stone makes a wonderful gift for anyone making changes or starting out on a new path, such as a new job, career or relationship.
Meditating with chrysanthemum stone can help you to find answers to some of life's problems when you feel stuck.

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