Red Jasper crystal heart - red jasper puff heart

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Red Jasper crystal heart - red jasper puff heart 
High quality red jasper crystal heart. These are red jasper puff hearts approximately 3cm wide. Generic photographs, the item you receive will be similar to those in the photographs. Red jasper crystal puff heart.

Red jasper 
Common source ? India, Brazil
Astrological associations; Taurus, Aries
Chakra; base
Healing qualities; red jasper is a great general tonic for the body, mind and spirit; it prevents illness and helps to keep you well when you are well. It provides pyschic protection (especially good when carried with a piece of jet). Red jasper promotes new beginnings and endings and encourages  re-birth. It's great for creativity and finding practical solutions. Red jasper promotes new ideas, astral travel, the survival instinct and dream recall. It is a wonderful stone to meditate with helping you to stay grounded and focused during meditation. Red jasper is a grounding crystal and can really help you move forward and make changes in your life.

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