Tingsha - Tibetan cymbals (pocket size)

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Tingsha - Tibetan cymbals (pocket size)

Tibetan Ting Sha Cymbals for Clearing and cleansing with Sound. Space clearing, cleansing crystals and aura healing are just some of the uses of this traditional Tibetan Buddhist spiritual tool.
Anyone who has heard the dramatic yet calming sound of the Ting-Sha will never forget it. Used by Tibetan Buddhist monks to help guide the spirit of a person between death and rebirth. Each cymbal is embellished with auspicious symbols. These have a traditional dragon design as in the photograph. These Tingsha are hand cast by Tibetan artisans using methods passed down through generations.  Ting Shas have been used for centuries by Tibetan Buddhists to prepare for meditation.  When the two pieces strike each other they prodcue a clear, pure cleansing sound which can be used to focus the mind before and after meditation.
Use the Ting-Sha to accompany chanting and singing, perform your own ritual offerings, assist in space cleansing rituals, aid your meditations and focus on your prayers and cleanse your crystals and aura or cleanse a therapy room or couch after a Reiki treatment.

Tingsha - Tibetan cymbals 8 auspicious symbols design, Special small size for travelling Approximately 1.75 inches or approximately 4.5 cm. Gerneric photograph. Traditional Tibetan Buddhist meditation and cleansing tool and spiritual musical instrument. Perfect for cleansing crystals, meditation, space clearing, aura healing, Reiki clearing

The Eight Auspicious Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism

    The Precious Parasol
    The White Conch Shell
    The Two Golden Fish
    The Knot of Eternity
    The Vase of Great Treasures
    The Victory Banner
    The Lotus Flower
    The Eight Spoked Wheel

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