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Amethyst is a type of quartz, ranging in colour from pale lavender to deep purple, due to varying degrees of iron or titanium. It is usually transparent, occurring as crystals and massive rock.

It is one of the most popular gemstones. An essential part of any crystal collection whether to be used for healing, self-development meditation, mineral collecting or ornamentation.

Amethyst is an amazing crystal to work with ? acting on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels at once, connecting through each to reach the cause(s), on any level, of symptoms displayed in the physical body.

On the physical level, Amethyst boosts the immune system by helping blood flow and circulation, allowing the white blood cells to reach sites of infection quickly and effectively, enhancing the cleansing of blood by the lymphatic system. It is, therefore, excellent in the treatment of any form of bacterial or viral infection and has been used effectively in the treatment of acne. It can help certain heart conditions caused by blood clots.

Amethyst can be extremely helpful in the treatment of addictions, as it cleanses the blood of the addictive substances, removes toxins and helps to alleviate the root cause of the need for the addiction in the emotional, mental or spiritual body. Addictions can be physical to substances or behavioural. Its use has been known since the earliest recorded times. The word Amethyst comes from the Greek word implying sobriety and it was used in Roman times for the treatment of alcoholism. In fact, the Romans often made wine goblets from Amethyst. The purple hue would give watered down wine a better appearance and they could drink all night and ?magically? not get drunk. Also, by cleansing the blood (and hence the removal of pollutants and toxins), it can reduce the symptoms of many allergic reactions and alleviate the symptoms of chest complaints such as asthma. Amethyst is also useful for anyone who is feeling generally low or run down.

On the mental level, it is very relaxing, balancing and calming the mind, helping to alleviate stress (and, therefore, its physical symptoms) brought about by conscious worry or concern. Amethyst boosts intellectual energy, inspiration and creativity.

Reducing tension on any level, Amethyst is excellent in the cure and prevention of headaches ad migraine. Use a pale Amethyst for mild, recurring headaches and a deep purple crystal for migraines. Simply hold the crystal as close as you can to the centre of pain. This can be difficult for migraine sufferers, but persevere and you will find the pain will go in ten to twenty minutes ? do what you would generally do i.e. lie down in a dark, quiet place. You will find the more you do this, the quicker it will work. Wearing or carrying an Amethyst crystal will reduce the frequency and severity of the headaches or migraines.

When your emotions are confused or overwhelmed, Amethyst boosts your emotional energy, helping you to cope with ?what the world has to offer?. It reduces anger and violent tendencies, balances passions, supports through grief, alleviates homesickness, calms the nerves, and reduces over-sensitivity and tensions and boosts physical energy. It is also useful for insomnia. Placing an Amethyst stone under your pillow will help induce a good restful nights sleep. Some people say it will aid with dream recall and interpretation too.

Amethyst will help to balance the production of hormones ? working through the pineal and pituitary glands.

Spiritually, it will open doors to ?other worlds? and enhance right-brain activity, intuition, clairvoyance, awareness, perception and general sensitivity to the world around you. It will help you to enter and maintain a meditative state, stilling the mind, teaching humility through meditation. Amethyst spheres are also particularly wonderful at promoting visualisation.

Amethyst opens and activates the crown chakra (energy centre), leading to an enhancement of your spiritual understanding and connection. It links the crown and heart chakras. This leads to the feeling we call spiritual or universal love. Love of yourself and the love of others.

Some say it raises your ?energy vibration? and thus helps you to connect your spiritual and physical bodies, bringing spirituality into your everyday life. It will also clear and stabilise your aura. (The energy field surrounding each of us).

Amethyst can help you to make a ?shift? ? if you feel ?stuck? on any level ? physical, emotional, mental, and intellectual ? or your spiritual state of consciousness. It will help you to clarify the goals in your life.

It is exceptionally useful in the ?laying on of stones? along energy lines (meridians) linking cause and effect, i.e. phyiscial symptoms to root causes.

Clusters of Amethyst crystals are wonderful in the home, office or any place where you spend time. They transmute energy ? picking up negative energy, thoughts and feelings; turning them into their positives. It makes any room or space feel lighter and clearer. Amethyst helps to create a positive, healthy, loving and creative environment.

If you have a computer, Amethyst is for you. Place a cluster on your desk and it will absorb all the electrical imbalance the machine causes. (All electrical machines do). You will feel happier and also be able to work longer without feeling stressed or tired.

Sometimes crystals get tired. They, too, can be overworked, underpaid and under-valued! They can loose their sparkle, the same as us, and their colour can also fade. If you take a tired crystal and place it on a bed of Amethyst (a crystal cluster) some say in the sunlight, you will find that the crystal will re-energise. Its sparkle will return as will its colour. Interestingly, it was believed that Amethyst would lose its brightness in the presence of poison and its colour would fade when the wearer was ill.

Amethyst is associated with the Zodiac signs Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces and Capricorn. It has also been associated with St. Valentine and is said to bring happiness and luck in love and romance.

Historically, it was one of the stones of the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest and was incorporated into the Reiki Frequency Symbol inlaid into the contemplation seats used by Tibetan Lamas in ancient times. It has always been associated with regal and ruling classes, especially in the Roman times. It was believed to help business affairs prosper. It was also used in the form of a wand in the Roman Council ? possibly in a similar way to the Native Indian Talking Stick ? it was believed to help the speaker put across his point in debate and aid negotiation.

Amethyst is protective on both a physical and spiritual level. Crusaders used to attach Amethyst to their rosaries to protect them in battle and it is commonly found in religious artefacts from the rings of Roman Catholic Bishops to healing stones of Medicine Men from Shamanic cultures.

A rare inclusion in Amethyst is Goethlite and this combination brings warmth, love and beauty into your energy field.

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