Lemurian Crystal Workshop Philip Permutt June 15th 2023 St Albans

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Lemurian Crystal Workshop with Philip Permutt Thursday June 15th St Albans daytime workshop 11am - 2pm St Albans, Hertfordshire.
Connect with these Lemurian Crystal Ancestors of Healing and Wisdom - Discover wonderful crystals and learn about their ancient past and the civilisations that seeded them. Learn how to tune in to these amazing Lemurian crystals and open your inner-self to the possibilities these crystals can bring. Amazing Self-healing and healing others - "All I can say is Wow!" (Jackie, Oxford), "It's like the top of my head came off.. It's awsome!" (Sophia, Cambridge), "Magical, just magical. At some points I felt as if I was floating in crystal water with a massive release of fear." (Tracie, Stevenage)

Lemurian Crystal Workshop
According to legend, the Lemurian civilization, which pre-dates Atlantis by 100,000 years, was about to end in catastrophe. Priests had foreseen this and programmed quartz crystals with the knowledge of their society, sealing them in caves so they would be protected until the time was “right” for them to be discovered. In recent years Lemurian quartz crystals have been rediscovered in Brazil, Columbia and Russia.
Lemurian Quartz Is regarded as the most powerful of the healing quartz crystals, and allows connection to the ancient masters, and lost civilisations of Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis. The Laser Quartz crystal formation is said to be the one able to focus most energy enhancing any type of healing.
The people of the ancient Lemurian civilization developed powerful techniques to seed special crystals with knowledge and wisdom for future generations to discover. This produced powerful crystals in small deposits around their known world. 
You will meet Columbian Lemurian Blades of Light crystals and Blue mist Lemurian crystals, Brazilian Lemurian crystals, golden Lemurian crystals and pink Lemurian crystals. Meet some of Philip's personal stunning and powerful collection of Lemurian crystals. You'll also learn amazing ancient and modern techniques to help you tap into these crystals' inner wisdom and add extra power to any type of healing, whether yourself for self-healing or working with clients.

Venue: The Crystal Healer F1, Unit 1, The Verulam Estate, 224 London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 1JB


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