Special Crystal New Moon Meditation July 9 Avebury

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Crystal New Moon Meditation Workshop with Philip Permutt July 9th Friday evening 7.30 - 9 pm at The Henge Shop within Avebury Stone Circle and may also be broadcast on *FB LIVE * FREE! depending on the signal strength. facebook-logo-like Meditation and Empowering Workshop "A loving experience" (Jacqui, St Albans) "Very deep... I felt love, just love" (Hazel, Corringham, Essex) The New Moon has a special power to promote positive change. This is the perfect time to shed the past and begin new ventures and experiences. Whether you want to bring change to your health, buisness, career, romance, lifestyle or life choices this is the perfect place to start to empower your choices with the aid of the New Moon and a little crystal magicThis date has been carefully selected: the New Moon is a very powerful time to bring changes into your life! "I feel happy. I feel empowered. I feel like the goddess has come alive" Tina (Slough)

The price for the evening is £19 if you do a rapid flow test withing 24 hours before you arrive. Send photo of negative result by Whatsapp to 07808 730750. We can provide rapid flow tests but there will be an additional charge of £7.50. (Crystals we work with are available to purchase at additional cost.)

"It was like an aha! moment. I was filled with happiness and joy" Sally (Hertfordshire)

"I feel refreshed, my pain has gone. It's really very powerful" Jasmin (St Albans)

"It cleared my brain" Sarah (Hertfordshire)

"Everything's taken an amazing turn since I started coming here. (Tonight) it felt like I was bathed in beautiful powerful light" "Blissful" (Yolander, Hertfordshire)

"I've lean't a new way of meditating with crystals" (Corrine, Markyate, Hertfordshire)  "I didn't want it to stop!" (Sandra, Hertfordshire) 

"It felt like a massage" (Maya, Knebworth)  "Awsome!" (Judy, Waltham Abbey)  "I feel really calm, it's lovely" (Sarah, London)

"I felt purified, glowing and happy. It was as if the crystal wasn't there. Beautiful." (Suzanna, Radlett)

"The pain went (which I've had for years) and I make the connection between then and now. The past isn't now. Very profound." (Janet, Harpenden)

"It felt like a weight lifting and I feel so light!... it gave me permission to have my dream" (Kim, Bedfordshire)

"Deep sense of calm" (Liz, Ipswich)

"It was like someone turned on a really, really, really bright light bulb! This evening has told me I really believe in myself" (Tina, Slough)

Avebury Henge Shop
Henge Shop
High St
Local information 01672 539229

COVID-19 Safety - these are in addition to any safety procedures for the Henge Shop

Please note that the cost of all courses has increased by £10 to help cover the costs to keep a covid safe environment. Everyone will need to take a lateral flow test which we will provide immediately before the course starts. Therefore, please make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the advertised start time.

We will also take your temperature as an added precaution.

We are wiping down all touch points at the start and throughout the day. These include door handles, credit card terminal, and other common surfaces.

We still provide coffee and herbal teas but in paper cups. Please only bring food and snacks for your own consumption. There will be no sharing of food.

The kitchen area remains closed to the public.

Crystal New Moon Meditation Workshop with Philip Permutt, new moon meditation, crystal magic, crystal grids

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