My Crystal Guide Children's Workshop 6 - 8 year old

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My Crystal Guide Children's Workshop 6 - 8 year old 10am - 12 noon, Wednesday August 18th

This fun workshop will teach children how to work with crystals and pendulums. They'll learn about special crysatals and how these can help them feel more confident, happy, calm and more! They will also learn to meditate and relax with crystals, and give themselves and others a crystal treatment. 

A fun-packed 2-hour children's workshop with lots of lovely crystals! Come with your friends or make new friends here and give each other crystal treatments. 

Nicci Roscoe is the author of My Crystal Guide co-written with Philip Permutt. She is a Crystal Master Teacher, Reiki Master, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation teacher and life coach.
Nicci has worked with young people at all levels, primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities promoting one of her specialist fields, that is: enhancing pupil’s well-being and mental health. She has programmes designed to help younger children and teenagers and tertiary students manage anxiety and overwhelm by giving them a range of effective techniques to work with including MeditationCrystals and Confidence Boosting.
She also works with teachers and parents giving advice, support and exercises and techniques to help them too.
Nicci has been a health and fitness TV and radio presenter for Sky One, BBC. and ITV and has published articles in the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday. A mother of two and doting grandmother, she lives in Hertfordshire, UK. 

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