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Turquoise 8mm Power Bracelet

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Turquoise 8mm Power BraceletTurquoise 8mm bead bracelet generic photograph you will receive a turquoise bracelet similar to the one in the photograph turquoise bracelet

Turquoise allows you to see the beauty in everything
Birthstone Sagittarius
Planet Jupiter
Element Fire
Chakra Throat

Wear turquoise:

1. whilst travelling and keep you safe from accidents
2. to enhance communication and creative expression
3. if you feel unwell as it will help ease most conditions
4. to help you seek the truth
5. Wear a turquoise bracelet on your left wrist if you have trouble socialising; wear the turquoise bracelet on your right wrist if you have a cloudy mind and struggling to make decisions

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Prices incl. VAT, local (UK) taxes, excludes delivery

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94 - 94 of 94 results