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Turquoise natural nugget - small

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Turquoise Natural Nugget - small high quality natural turquoise nugget. Each an interesting shape as they are natural turquoise nuggets. Many of these natural turquoise nuggets contain pyrite creating beautiful natural stones. Approx size 1 - 2.5 cm. Good turquoise colour. Source Whitewater mine, Mexico. Generic photograph, the turquoise stone you receive will be similar to those in the photograph. Turquoise sold individually.

Turquoise Crystal Meaning
Blue, green or blue/green masses, crusts and rare small short prismatic crystals.
Common source: China, Mexico, Myanmar, Tibet, USA
Astrological associations; Turquoise is the birthstone of Sagittarius, and has connections to Pisces and Scorpio
Chakra; throat
Crystal qualities of turquoise; Crystal Healers believe turquoise is a general multi purpose healer for the spirit mind body, general malaise, can ease focused breathing for example in meditation or ritual, allergies, throat chakra, communication, public speaking, creative expression, courage, emotional balance, friendship, pollution, absorption of ideas,  regeneration, weight, wind. Love, travel, air sickness, protection to travellers (a journey can be a trip around the world or a walk to the corner shop), detox, meditation (grounding peak experiences), spirit contact, astral travel, spirituality, peace of mind, protection of property and from accidents, yin/yang, mental and spiritual clarity to see your own path, 'walk your walk', writing, all psychic abilities, wisdom, 'seeing the beauty in everything', suspicious mind, compassion, romance, negativity, emotional wounds, post operative emotional recovery, skin (stress related disorders, elixir).

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