Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Because of the current coronavirus/covid-19 situation certain protocols are being followed. This information is updated regularly please check before you visit.

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable and have been advised to shield by letter DO NOT COME. If in the past 7 days you have, or have had, a new persistent  cough, raised temperature, change of sense of taste or smell or have been in close contact with anyone who has please DO NOT COME. If you feel vulnerable for any reason, please stay home and use our website or phone or Facebook/WhatsApp to order and we will arrange delivery to your door. If you are over 70 or in the clinically vulnerable group, please let us know when you book so we can take extra precautions for you for your visit.

We are open at our St Albans Showroom for customer visits strictly by appointment only. We have put in place several measures to keep both you and ourselves, as safe as possible. Please follow these to make it as easy as possible for us all.

Visitors should come by yourself unless you need to have someone with you; please let us know when you book your visit. Social distancing - Please ensure you always keep 2 meters apart where possible and 1 meter+ as a minimum. On entering the building please hand_washing_femalewash your hands in the ground floor lavatories or use the hand sanitiser just inside the building entrance and it is now compulsory to wear a face covering. Please do NOT wear gloves. If you do not have a facemask/covering, we will provide you with a single use mask and will ask you to contribute £1 to cover the cost (0.83 + VAT). Proceed to our first-floor showroom touching as little as possible, such as handrails etc. We will take your temperature on arrival with a non-contact thermometer gun. If you prefer not to use the touch entry phone, then please phone us instead when you are next to the entry phone from your mobile and we can buzz you in.

Wface_maske are trying to only allow one customer group at a time in the showroom so please ensure you arrive at your appointment time. If you are early, please wait in your car and phone us as you may be able to come in early if no one else is here; we don't always see messages imediately so please use the phone. If you arrive late your time may be limited, or you may not be able to come in at all. Please contact us if you are unsure or if you may be late.

Please come alone unless you need specific help from a carer or are buying jointly for a family. Unfortunately, we have to discourage bringing young children at the moment and remind you that if you must then you are responsible for them being compliant to all social distancing and hygiene rules. We will love to welcome children again as soon as we feel happy to.

Please be aware that to promote social distancing each customer is being booked in for a limited time. Please let us know if there will be more than just yourself coming and if you feel you need additional time and we can happily accommodate this if we know in advance. If you are unsure then ask when booking your appointment time.

We are doing several things to help keep the showroom safe including increased hand washing and the addition of a hand hygiene station inside the showroom entrance and another in the workshop and therapy room space. We are also wiping down touch points with alcohol wipes in between customers. We no longer have a lost property collection, anything left on the premises will be disposed of at the end of the day.

Customers are asked to avoid handling products they do not intend to buy. Where this isn't possible because of making selection please give us any products that you do not purchase and don't just pop them back on the shelf/in the box so we can clean them before they're shown to another customer. Thank you.

Various items such as massage wands and rollers we will not be able to demonstrate.

We have ample free parking available please do not come by public transport unless you have no other choice.

Please remember to socially distance in shared facilities in the building such as the lavatory. For the time being the kitchen and its facilities are out of bounds to visitors.

As our regular customers know we usually provide coffee/fruit tea and biscuits/cake but unfortunately, we will not be doing this for the foreseeable future. If you feel you might need water with you, please bring it.

One final point we are a hugging community, but this is just not possible at present. So, we choose to replace the HUG with the traditional Namaste greeting, hands together in front of your heart and a gentle bow. When Namaste is given and received with love it feels just like a HUG in your soul.

Workshops We are running workshops and classes again but with much smaller groups than usual allowing social distancing at 1 meter + People attending workshops will have their temperature taken on arrival and will need to follow all our other covid-19 protocols above, including wearing a facemask/covering which is compulsory from Friday 24th July. Please note the areas will be well ventilated so bring an extra layer of clothing/blanket if you feel you might get cold. We will not be able to provide blankets as we usually do.

1-2-1 Therapy Clients, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Crystal Reiki. We are seeing clients again now. Existing clients can book an appointment in their usual way, New Clients please contact us

FB_IMG_1589437835577We are also open for internet/telephone orders and customer collections. Fragile objects we would not normally send by post and large orders are being personally delivered in an enlarged "local" area - please enquire.

Collections - If you are collecting, we can offer curb side or showroom collection. Curb side we will place your order in our lobby or boot of your car when you arrive. Showroom - if you need to see the items then you will need to please wash your hands in the ground floor lavatories or use the hand sanitiser by the building entrance on entering the building and wear a mask/face covering. Proceed to our first-floor showroom touching as little as possible, such as handrails etc. If you meet someone else in the lobby or staircase, please keep socially distanced where possible.