Bismuth crystal

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Bismuth crystal
Bismuth forms crystals like steps or pyramids due to faster growth at the outside edges. The fantastic rainbow colours are due to oxidation on the surface. Natural crystals of this quality are rare, most available are laborotory grown.
Common source; Germany, USA
Astrological association; Taurus
Chakra; heart and base
Healing qualities; bismuth meaning; helps you to see and overcome the blocks you put in your own way. Helps you find order in your life. Brings focus and promotes time management. Good for relationships, especially where there are several people involved such as groups or teamwork. Also helpful in meditation and visualisation. Great at helping you stay grounded whilst working on spiritual matters and bringing information back to your everyday world.

Bismuth crystal - Remove the blocks you create! Approximate size 2 - 3cm, weight 6 - 15g. Generic photograph showing a selection of the types of crystals your one bismuth crystal will be selected from. Bismuth crystal sold singularly.

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