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Nitiraj incense is probably one of the best stick incenses available. Made completely from natural products to give excellent natural fragrances.

The Nitiraj brand of fine quality incenses are hand rolled in India from a "masala" blend of only the finest natural ingredients including: natural oils, resins, gums, balsam, aromatic herbs, spices and sandalwood powder. These natural ingredients combine to produce a smooth, slow burning incense ideally suited for meditation, yoga and relaxation. This unchanged recipe has proved itself to be Europe's most popular line of holistic natural incenses, recommended by top yoga and meditation instructors for over 25 years.

Each slow burning stick lasts one hour. Click on display selection, then on the individual product order number for more details of each special fragrance.

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Buddha incense holder

Buddha incense holder - white buddha incense holder. Holds one incense stick. Quantity discounts available


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Palo Santo

Palo Santo approx. 10.5cm. Fragrant palo santo from Ecuador.  You will receive one packet of palo santo sticks dependent on weight. Generic photo. 

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