Selenite Crystal Lamp

Selenite Crystal Lamp
These selenite lamps give off a beautiful, calming relaxing light perfect for bringing the light into your home, therapy room, meditaton room or office. These selenite lights are great all year round and add something special to hot summer nights as well as brightening winter darkness and winter blues, also known as seasonally affected disorder, SAD.

Available in sizes 20cm, 25cm, 30cm and 40cm Box quantity discounts available

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Product no. Quantity Status Price
09sela01-0007 20cm
£26.00 *
09sela01-0008 25cm
£32.00 *
09sela01-0009 30cm
£40.00 *
09sela01-0011 35cm
£50.00 *
09sela01-0010 40cm
£63.00 *

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