Meditation Information

Meditation Information

What is Meditation?
Meditation is many things to many people. It is the route to all spiritual enlightenment, from all beliefs, throughout the world. It is called many names and has a vast variety of practices, but as the old Taoist saying goes; “Whichever path you follow through the grey clouds leads you to the same blue sky beyond.” That is, all meditations take you to the same place.

Meditation can be described as the exercise of quietening the mind and entering a place of stillness. This is a place of oneness with our self, the world around us and the universe as a whole. It is a place where we can feel connected or reconnected to our spirit or soul. We spend most of our lives hiding ourselves in the events of the world around us. It is far easier for us to deal with other peoples' problems than our own, the things we have to do, things from the past and concerns about the future. Meditation is an inward focusing of not just your mind but also your body and spirit. It is more about being than doing. (Although to start with you do need to be doing the meditations so that you can just be!) Within meditation there is a moment, sometimes literally just a fleeting moment, when we actually experience "this moment". Now. Just being in the moment. Perhaps it is a feeling of connectedness to something or everything around us. Meditation is a state of mind rather than an activity but the "activity" of meditation can be used to achieve the meditative state of the mind. And this mental state is natural. We all experience it occasionally without "doing" a meditation. A beautiful sunrise or sunset, losing yourself in the rhythm of the waves by the sea shore, a crystal, a flower or just that quiet still moment at home in your favourite armchair at the end of the day when everyone else has gone to bed.

Meditation is our own unique and direct experience of our own mind without the thoughts, judgments, sensory reception and emotions that continually fill our mind. And none of these thoughts, judgments, sensory receptions and emotions is our mind. Not one of them. They simply fill it up and colour our real experience. In the same way that red wine in a glass is not the glass and the glass, when you actually see it for what it is, is clear and empty.

It has been said that meditation is the art of distancing yourself from the flow of information rushing through your mind. It is being the clear empty glass and not allowing yourself to be the red wine. It is only in this clear empty space of the mind that we can go beyond the limitations of logical linear thought into the intuitive world of inspiration and imagination. It is only here that you can truly find yourself.

Whether you are new to meditation or continuing to find new practices you can consider this the beginning of your next journey.

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