Crystal Tips and Cures, Philip Permutt HB 2022

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Crystal Tips and Cures by Philip Permutt: 101 crystals for health, harmony, and happiness Hardcover 2022

This is the perfect beginner's guide to crystal healing, featuring 101 of these amazingly powerful stones and including all you need to know to let their energy transform your life within this crystal book for beginners.

Beautiful, tactile, and easily available, crystals are natural tools for bringing health, wealth, love, success and spiritual harmony into your life. This handy illustrated guide introduces 101 crystals, arranged in 12 sections by colour, for easy identification. Discover each crystal's healing qualities, star sign, chakra point and how to work with it to reap its benefits. Follow the tips to enhance everyday living, including how to wear crystals to harness their energy, display them at home to bring in harmony or place one under your pillow for sweet dreams. You can learn how to choose the crystals that are right for you, discover your birthstone crystal and ask a question with a crystal pendulum. As more and more people are becoming aware of the power of crystals, this crystal guide will help you find the right crystal for your every need.

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