The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt


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THE CRYSTAL HEALER Crystal prescriptions that will change your life forever By Philip Permutt

"With beautiful colour illustrations, clear layout and authentic practical advice" Cygnus Review


"We love..... The Crystal Healer By Philip Permutt. This is an excellent all round guide for anyone interested in crystal healing. It gives you an easy to follow introduction to healing including preparation, meditation, crystal energy and making elixirs. There's a huge directory of 250 crystals detailing where each individual stone comes from, what physical and emotional/spiritual healing properties it has plus it's astrological and chakra associations. The directory is organised by colour and there is also a handy index at the back to look up specific stones. On top of that you get crystal remedies for 250 common ailments and afflictions from sea sickness and insomnia to back pain and asthma. Terrific." Prediction Magazine

"This is a really well presented book with 250 crystals listed. There are excellent colour photos of the crystals, making identification easy, and they are grouped by colour. Each entry lists the crystal's physical and emotional/spiritual healing properties, astrological and chakra associations. There is a list of over 250 common ailments, physical and emotional, with their crystal prescriptions, plus general information on how to use them. This makes Philip Permutt's book a top quality all-round resource. The colourful and attractive presentation and the inclusion of some of the more unusual crystals will also reward the enthusiast." Pilgrims UK

"The Greek philosopher Theophrastus (372-287 BCE) wrote a text titled Peri Lithon (On Stones), which is the basis of today's modern scientific classification of gemstones. Although the origins and physical properties still hold currency in the contemporary scientific community, the magical and healing powers of crystals have somehow been ignored" (Philip Permutt, Introduction)

The Crystal Healer is a result of Philip Permutt's personal journey with crystals over the past fifteen years and is a practical guide to help you draw upon the unique qualities of crystals and balance the energy fields around you to bring deeper wellbeing.

The Crystal Healer's first two chapters explain the principles of crystal healing, examining how crystals can transmit and magnify energy. Learn how to work with a crystal pendulum to dowse and understand how healers work with crystals and the body's chakras, or energy centres, to rebalance the energetic systems and bring about healing.

The next section, The Crystal Finder offers a way to find out what your crystals can do for you! With over 250 crystals arranged by colour, detailing their healing properties, you can match your crystals to the pictures and profiles, identify your stone and discover its amazing properties to balance mind, body and spirit.

Crystal Remedies enables you to look up an ailment and select the appropriate crystal for your treatment. From migraines and insomnia to muscle aches, eczema and other allergies or to beat exhaustion or give yourself a confidence boost, this section will be able to find the right crystals for you! With 250 common ailments listed and with full descriptions of how to work with crystals for each condition, you'll discover that crystal healing can be both satisfying and simple to do. As Philip Permutt says "Whether this is the start of your journey with crystals or another step on your path, may this book help you with each change as you walk towards health, happiness and harmony."

Author Details

Philip Permutt discovered crystals fifteen or so years ago after a severe illness. He has been practising as a crystal healer and teacher ever since. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed best seller The Crystal Healer and The Little Book of crystal Tips & Cures. He has recorded many meditation and workshop cds including Crystal workshop and the Little Meditation Album.

He owns and runs one of the largest and most successful crystal businesses in the UK and still has time to treat a few individual clients. Philip is a dowser and uses this ability, together with the magic of crystals, to change the energies in homes, offices and shops. Traditional Taoist healing, Reiki, shamanism, past-life regression, soul retrieval and sound and drama therapy are additional skills, and he is also a psychic and medium, working loosely with his spirit guides. He runs courses and workshops on many of these subjects.

Philip has lectured on crystals and crystal healing and has a degree in Applied Biology from London University. Philip's articles have been published in magazines, electronically and in journals.


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