Garnet almandine crystal tumble stone Large

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Garnet almandine crystal tumble stone Large. Large size 2 - 3 cm various shapes see photograph (25+ stones per 1/2 kilo) Very dark red colour, opaque Source - India The Photograph is a generic image of the type of crystal you will receive not the actual item for sale Garnet crystals sold singularly.

Almandine garnet
Red/brown/purpleish variety of garnet
Common source - India
Astrological associations; Scorpio, Virgo
Chakra; base, heart
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe almandine garnet promotes meditation, love, physical energy, understanding and coping with dying process and death, connection to higher self, people who work with numbers. Strong heart, eyes and clear seeing, detox. Almandine brings rejuvenation, youthfulness, healing of emotional wounds, post operative healing of trauma and stress.

Almandine garnet crystals also have all the general properties of garnet crystal

Dodecahedral red garnet crystals
Common source: India, Russia, USA
Astrological associations; Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
Chakra; heart
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe garnet crystals help with blood cleansing/detox, blood flow, tiredness, courage, depression, emotional balance, creative energy, balances sex drive, abundance, change, psychic awareness, vitality, magic, spiritual devotion, flow, aura, emotional trauma, chaos, disruption, structure, deficiencies. Garnet crystal can help any condition requiring regeneration and repairing the emotions associated with this. Garnet is also good for detox.

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