Quartz Crystal Special 01 - Skeletal Quartz Crystal

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Quartz crystal special 01 - skeletal quartz crystal. Unique quartz crystal approximate size 17 x 15cm (longest axis). The photograph is of the actual quartz crystal you are buying.

This is a beautiful and unique polished quartz crystal, it really is one of a kind! The inner structure appears like a crystal skeleton and almost certainly contains water bubbles making this an enhydro crystal. They're very small and hard to see in this crystal so we're not calling it an "enhydro". The inclusions of black and golden brown are almost certainly hematite.

Quartz Crystal referring to this wonderful unique crystal specimen

Quartz Crystal
Hexagonal crystals clear or white
Common alternate names - clear quartz, rock crystal
Common source: worldwide, Arkansas, USA, Brazil, China, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, Tibet
Astrological associations; all
Chakra; all
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe quartz crystal channels any energy so will help with any situation and condition. Quartz makes you feel good and has been called the All Singing All Dancing Crystal! Also quartz specifically helps with; any pain or discomfort, energy, clear hearing, clairaudiance. Meditation, focussing the mind, strong heart, general triredness and feeling run down, negativity, support, concerns about weight and self image. It is a Feel Better Stone improving your quality of life, making you feel happier and re-energising your zest for life in all situations.

Quartz crystal special 01 - skeletal quartz crystal, enhydro, clear quartz, rock crystal, polished quartz crystal, Skeletal Quartz Crystal, crystal with water bubbles

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