AA Rose Quartz Face Massage Rollers

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AA Rose Quartz Rollers - one size - approx 14 cms These rose quartz rollers are AA quality pink rose quartz. Generic photograph the rose quartz roller you receive will be similar to the one in the photograph.

This lavish crystal face massager boasts invigorating and energising properties that can transform the texture and appearance of your skin. Renowned for its healing powers, rose quartz has been used for centuries in skincare regimes to minimise fine lines, wrinkles and redness by relieving tension naturally and non-invasively Adding this crystal roller into your skincare routine has similar effects to a fingertip massage, as it activates your lymphatic system (the tissues that help rid your skin of toxins), accelerates the skin cell renewal process and makes your entire complexion look healthier. The difference between Rose Quartz and Jade is that Rose Quartz will stay cold, whereas Jade takes on the heat from your skin.

Rose quartz
Massive pink crystalline quartz. 
Astrological associations; Taurus, Libra
Chakra; heart
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe rose quartz promotes love on all levels, relationships, romance, female energy and qualities, balances sex drive, sexual frustration, fertility of ideas, inner crisis, complexion, youthful appearance, wrinkles, anger, stress, tension, fear, forgiveness, guilt, grief, inadequacy, jealousy, resentment, calming, childhood experiences, emotions, upset, emotional wounds (the feeling of being wounded). Rose quartz "it's like a bubble bath for the emotions", strength of heart, general aches and pains typical of emotional stresses, phobias, creativity, art, music, writing, imagination, detox, fear of heights.

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