Apophylite Cluster #1

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Apophylite Cluster 11cm x 7.5cm see photo - varied sizes of glistening points in shades of white and grey. Source Pune, India photo of actual crystal. 

Cubic and pyramidal crystals, druses and masses. Commonly white or colourless with a rarer green variety. See also zeolite.
Common source: India
Astrological associations: Libra, Gemini
Chakra: brow, crown
Healing Qualities: Crystal healers believe that Apophylite can help with Connection to Spirit, Truth, Brain Power, Astral Travel, Reflection, Scrying, Sight, Clairvoyance, help to continue the Meditative State after the meditation is finished. Apophyllite crystal pyramids can help Preserve Food and aid Body Rejuvenation.

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