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Candle Quartz Crystal

Candle Quartz Crystal approximate size 6 - 8 cm Generic photograph, the crystal you receive will be similar to those in the photograph. Candle Quartz Crystal sold individually.

These are quartz crystals that are characterised by having many small terminations around their sides and/or base all pointing in the same direction as the main termination or point. These often resemble wax running down the side of a candle, hence the name "candle quartz". Each Candle Quartz Crystal is unique; each is a natural work of art. The colour can be white, off white often with a cloudy appearance. They may have brown, red, pink, grey markings or inclusions and are often phantom crystals with clearly defined white phantoms within.

Common alternate names: female candle quartz crystal, female quartz crystals, celestial quartz crystal, candle quartz crystal, milky quartz crystal, cathedral crystal, cathedral quartz crystal, female milky quartz crystal, pineapple quartz crystal, white candle quartz crystal, white quartz crystal, seeker transformer crystal

Common source: Madagascar
Astrological associations: Pieces, Gemini
Chakra: all
Crystal Properties: Crystal Healers believe candle quartz crystals are special quartz crystals and are amazing partners for anyone exploring their past lives. The many terminations seem to act as individual time machines each taking you back to another life. They are also impressive tools for accessing the Akashic records.

Candle quartz crystal clusters are ideal for therapy rooms and treatment rooms because they bring healing energy to any room. Consider placing these in offices or living rooms or any other space where disagreements or arguments may happen.

Female candle quartz crystals are opaque, cloudy, mysterious in appearance. They contain a nurturing feminine energy that helps restore both physical and emotional injuries. Female candle quartz crystals work in the aura, the energy field around the body. All disease manifests in the aura before it becomes physically noticeable and candle quartz crystals can help to prevent diseases manifesting at this early stage. They are particularly good at helping people release emotions that they are holding onto unnecessarily which are holding them back and may, in the longer term, cause disease. Try giving one to a client or friend to hold during a healing session to see an instant effect.

You can work with Female Candle Quartz Crystals in the aura for brushing down or combing the aura after a crystal healing treatment. This helps to smooth out the aura and release anything that has bubbled up during the treatment.

Candle quartz crystals can illuminate our inner workings, our emotions and beliefs, bringing greater understanding of our self. Holding a candle quartz crystal whilst you meditate will help you listen to and hear your inner voice and guide.

Candle Quartz Crystal, Female Candle Quartz Crystals, Female Quartz Crystals, Celestial Quartz Crystals, Quartz Candle Crystals, Milky Quartz Crystals, Cathedral Crystal, Cathedral Quartz Crystal, Pineapple Quartz Crystal, White Candle Quartz Crystal, White Quartz Crystal, Seeker Transformer Crystal

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