Peridot Crystal 3 Stone Earrings

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Peridot Crystal 3 Stone Earrings Faceted peridot crystals set in fine sterling silver setting with sterling silver ear hoops. Approximate size 4 cm including ear hoop. Generic photograph peridot ear rings

Small green prismatic crystals and masses. Other colours include red, brown and yellow.
Common alternate names: chrysolite, olivine
Common source: Afghanistan, Brazil, Canary Islands, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA
Astrological associations; Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Chakra; heart
Crystal qualities; Crystal Healers believe peridot is good for acidity, addictions, alcoholism, detox, digestion of ideas, depression, emotional blockages, lethargy, laziness, mental health, detox, stress, sun burn, a Feel Better Stone, weight issues, behaviour patterns and cycles, protection from outside influences, ego, anger, jealousy, enlightenment through meditation, general tonic, near-sightedness. Peridot helps you through the birthing process in any situation brining new beginnings and new growth.

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