Blue Quartz crystal heart

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Blue quartz crystal heart

Blue quartz 
Clear or white quartz with blue inclusions making it look blue. NOTE there are several other minerals called ?blue quartz? which are not included here. 
Common source ? China
Astrological associations; Libra, Taurus
Chakra; throat
Healing qualities; connection to those around you, the universe, spirit, and god; Bliss.  Aids communication on all planes allowing you to express what?s in your mind, brings ?stuff? to the surface allowing it to clear whilst keeping you grounded, energy shift, sense of wellbeing, emotional balance, happiness, anger, introversion, apprehension, self-reliance, spontaneity, anxiety, vitality, spleen, endocrine system, blood, metabolism, awareness, telepathy, increased insight into divination and tarot card readings.

Blue Quartz crystal heart, blue quartz heart approximate size 4.5cm wide. Generic photograph, the item you receive will be similar to those in the photograph. blue crystal heart.

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