Dalmation Jasper crystal heart - dalmation jasper puff heart

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Dalmation Jasper crystal heart - dalmation jasper puff heart, approximately 3 - 3.5cm. Generic photograph, the item you receive will be similar to the one in the photograph but please remember that like all our natural products dalmatian crystal is a naural material that varies in shade and inclusions.

Dalmatian jasper
A mixture of quartz, microcline and tourmaline. White with black dots (named after the Dalmatian breed of dog).
Common source: Mexico
Astrological associations; Gemini
Chakra; base

Healing qualities: protects from physical danger. Connects physical and spiritual energy. Helps learning and achieving goals. Good for relationships and letting go of the past. Brings happiness, devotion, and composure

Physical: good for cartilage and physical stamina Soothes nerves, muscle sprains, and cramps.

Emotional/spiritual: calming. Good for yin/yang balance. Helps negativity.

Dalmatian jasper crystal heart, Dalmatian jasper puff heart, Dalmatian jasper heart

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