Hessonite garnet crystal heart - Hessonite garnet puff heart

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Hessonite garnet crystal heart - Hessonite garnet puff heart, approximately 3 - 3.5cm. Generic photograph, the item you receive will be similar to the one in the photograph but please remember that like all our natural products Hessonite garnet crystal is a naural material that varies in shade and inclusions.

Hessonite Garnet 
Brown (cinnamon yellow) form of grossular garnet.
Common alternate name: cinnamon stone
Common source - Madagascar
Astrological associations; Aries
Chakra; sacral, solar plexus
Healing qualities; inferiority complex, new challenges, courage, meditation (wherever you are it helps you go to the next level), flatulence, colic, olfactory system, lymphatic system, detox, negativity.

Hessonite garnet crystal heart, Hessonite garnet puff heart, Hessonite garnet heart

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