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*ONLINE ONLY* CONTACT ANNE WHATSAPP OR PHONE 07887 801601 Vision Board -workshop by Anne Anttonen, Coach Chi Sunday 26 April 10am - 1pm

Vision Board is an effective and inspirational tool to help you to attract what you want in life. It adds clarity in your life and focuses your attention to things that are important to you i.e. applies the “Law of Attraction”. Energy flows where your attention goes!

Vision Board is a visual interpretation of your goals, desires – what you want to BE, DO, HAVE. You can include pictures, words, quotes you are attracted to. April is perfect time for a Vision Board, a New Year starting from the Spring equinox according to the Mayan calendar that follows lunar cycles and seasons rather than the Western year. Lunar cycles hold an intense communication with the Light and helps us to live our lives in more harmonious way.

Join me to this fun workshop where we share the process of alining our thoughts and actions to what we desire in life. Bring along magazines, scissors, pen and paper with you.
I’ll have the rest ;)

“What we pay attention to in our life, determines our life.”

Vision Board workshop Anne Anttonen, Coach Chi, workshop in St Albans Sunday 26 April 10am - 1pm

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