Black crystals

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Shungite obelisk 14cm, sungite crystal standing point. Photo is of the actual Shungite obelisk you are buying

£25.00 *

Currently unavailable

Shungite bracelet. Generic photograph Shungite 8mm bead bracelet. High quality shungite beads

£20.00 *

Currently unavailable

Shungite point pendant. Shungite pendant with crystal ball, set in silver coloured metal 4 - 5cm. Generic photograph

£15.00 *

In stock

Shungite pendulum. Generic photograph Shungite faceted pendulum on chain with crystal bead

£9.00 *

In stock

Tourmaline Black Tumble Stone Large 1 - 2.5cm various shapes shown in generic photo Black, opaque. Black tourmaline sold individually


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61 - 65 of 65 results