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Fire Opal Cabochon #2

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Fire Opal Cabochon #2 Approx. 1.8cm. Beautiful polished fire opal oval cabochon - a glittering blue window of opal with a stripe of orange on either side encased in speckled purple and black rock. Source - Mexico. Picture of actual crystal you'll receive. 


Fire Opal
A variety of opal that exhibits fire. 

Common sources: Australia, Mexico
Astrological associations: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces
Chakra: brow
Healing Qualities: good for intuition, insight and bringing variety to life. 
Physical: good for energy, eyesight, and the central nervous system. Helps emphysema.
Emotional/spiritual: good for burn-out, 21st century stress, meditation, spiritual vitality, and all psychic abilities. 

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76 - 76 of 82 results