The Little Crystal Meditation Album by Philip Permutt

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The Little Crystal Meditation Album by Philip Permutt

Ideal for both beginners and advanced meditators, The Little Crystal Meditation Album is a ground breaking recording that uniquely brings crystal healing and meditation together. In short 10 minute tracks for busy people on the go, Philip Permutt combines the energies of crystals with traditional meditation practice to enhance the various stages of meditation; from getting started; clearing the body, mind and spirit; through to a deeper level of discovery.

Email from customer 04/03/11
"Before I left the UK to work for a short time abroad I brought the CD; 'The Little Crystal Meditation Album, 10Minute meditations'. Although I've always wanted to practice meditation, I never really made the time. But over the last few weeks I've been practicing the first of the 10 minute meditations on the CD and I must say that no matter what state of mind I may be in before the meditations (tired, confused, cross), after leaving each session I feel completely elevated away from any level of stress. Of course I've only been practicing for a few weeks now and have much ground and time to cover, but even through those small moments as you describe in your narrative (in the cover label), I feel a great sense of relaxation and freedom.

Today I moved onto the second 10minute mediation track and I really did feel a deeper sense of awareness and calmness. After weeks of track 1, this track and your commentary really helped me to visualize my goals and to feel a much stronger connection with them.

Anyway just thought I wanted to tell someone so there we go :-). Thank you and all those involved in bringing this CD to market. It really is so beneficial for those whom wish to find a little peace and quiet in this busy world." R.B.

Music by Llewellyn.

Includes detailed sleeve notes by top UK crystals expert Philip Permutt.

"With Llewellyn's music and Philip's calm voice to guide you into a new world of relaxation you have a perfect combination" My Spirit Radio


Meditation 1 - Kyanite
Meditation 2 - Celestite
Meditation 3 - Morganite
Meditation 4 - Lingham
Meditation 5 - Amethyst
Meditation 6 - Quartz

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