Bowenite - New jade

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Massive fine granular green rock variety of antigorite.
Common alternate names: new jade, tangiwaite, tangawaite, greenstone (New Zealand - but this is also a common name for nephrite jade which is a different mineral)
Common source: China, USA
Astrological associations; Aquarius
Chakra; heart
Healing qualities; known as the "Stone of the warrior" it protects from enemies, love, friendship, connection to your ancestors, grief, success in business, personal goals and ambitions, good stone to have when moving home - it helps you make a clean break from the past, past traumas, soul mate, freedom to travel your path, blocks you put in your own way, change, adventure, meditation to find answers and insight, heart , cholesterol, DNA/RNA, depression, fertility, acrophobia (fear of heights).

Bowenite - New jade tumble stone
extra large 30 - 50 mm 30+ per 1/2 kg various shapes see photograph
Green colour, semi-translucent - transparent - opaque
Source - China
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