Citrine geode 03 citrine cave, citrine cathedral

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Citrine geode 03 citrine cave, citrine cathedral.very good citrine colour perfect "cathedral" shape. Approx size of this citrine geode is h 520 x 230 mm The photograph is of the actual citrine crystal geode you are buying.

Amethyst and quartz crystal clusters will energise the room they?re in. Everyone will feel more relaxed and ?at home?. Place one in your living room or any communal area. [Photos]

What is a Geode?
A geode is simply a rock with a hollow centre. Crystals grow toward the hollow middle often resulting in beautiful structures. The more common crystal varieties forming geodes include amethyst, calcite, citrine and quartz.

Said to be associated with the star sign Virgo, geodes help with the following qualities in addition to those listed for the specific crystal variety (eg citrine see other pages on this site or The Crystal Healer for more information); astral travel, communication, decisions, groups, healing anything that can be placed inside, mathematics, meditation, protection for homes, spiritual growth, teaching, changing/clearing/cleansing the energies in a room. As well as your private spaces they are great in living rooms, offices, meeting rooms or any communal area.

Geodes link to both the crown and base chakras and can bring you feelings of connectedness, peace, balance and oneness.

Citrine crystal geodes will bring abundace to everyone in the home or business they are placed. A citrine geode will draw abundace to it and emmiate confidence and energy. Everyone will feel more creative and generally better with a citrine geode in your home or business. 

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