Blue Howlite Crystal Heart

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Blue Howlite Crystal Heart These beautiful individual blue Howlite crystal hearts are wonderful quality and value. Howlite is a stone of action helping you to reach your goals and fulfil your dreams. Size approximately 4.5cm. Generic photograph, the item you receive will be similar to those in the photographs. Blue howlite crystal heart sold singularly.

Nodules, masses and rare white crystals. Howlite is often dyed and used to imitate more expensive stones.
Common Source – USA
Astrological associations; Gemini
Chakra; crown
Crystal Qualities; Crystal healers believe that howlite helps to keep you strong and well, makes for calm communication, emotional expression and promotes discernment.
Howlite supports study, memory, action, achieing your goals and dreams and selfishness. Howlite can help to reduce emotional pain, stress, anger, boisterousness and  vulgarity.
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