Crystal Healing L4 Crystal Healing Master Teacher 23/24 March

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Crystal Master Teacher course
Crystal Healing Level 4 Crystal Master Teacher Course with Philip Permutt and Nicci Roscoe March 23rd & 24th - 10am - 5pm both days £825 Saturday & Sunday At The Crystal Healer, St Albans Book online or telephone bookings and further information 07808 730750Crystal Healing Level 4 "You've given me the confidence to do it!" (Tracy, Leigh-on-Sea)

Venue: The Crystal Healer, St Albans, Hertfordshire Telephone booking online or phone 07808 730750 feel free to contact us  if you would like to discuss this with Philip before you sign up for the course.

Are you ready to pass your crystal knowledge onto others? "I crossed a line, now I am a teacher" Sue (Brentwood, Essex)
If so this course is for you. All the skills you need to teach Crystal Healing levels 1, 2 & 3 and present professional crystal talks and workshops. Student and teaching notes to both courses are provided. There will be individual and group work with lots of practical exercises. You will, as always, experience another level of self-healing. It is required that you have completed all the crystal healing courses with Philip or one of his certified Crystal Master Teachers before you take this level.

"I think you're a great teacher in what you do, Philip. The way you simplify it makes it so easy for us." Nicci (Mill Hill, London)

Crystals & Crystal Healing Level 4 Master Teacher Course (2 days plus 1 night plus preparatory work) Syllabus
What a Master is and is not
Identifying crystals
You and crystals, your crystals, your practice and experience
Teaching techniques are taught throughout the weekend
Revision of Crystal Healing Level 1
Revision of Crystal Healing Level 2
Revision of Crystal Healing Level 3
How crystals work, how crystals really work! Light and quantum physics
Sensing crystal energies, devising new crystal exercises
Over-night homework, written essay no warning of subject, devise a practical exercise no warning of subject, demonstrate by teaching to the other students and then explain, crystal meditation before sleep
Q & A
Crystal heart meditation
Pitfalls of being a master
More crystal healing techniques
Creating your own crystal talks, lectures, introductory workshops, subject workshops and classes
Tips, confidence to teach

"Amazing! The best thing for me is gaining in confidence immensley over the weekend" Val (Brentwood, Essex)

Attendance and practical application of teaching and healing techniques in class plus written reports of case history, case study, how crystals work, written essay, devising and demonstration of, own practical exercises, qualifies for master teacher's certificate

"The best thing is growing in confidence to teach" Karen (Reading, Berkshire)

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Philip Permutt is author of the international best sellers The Crystal Healer, The Book of Crystal Grids, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips & Cures, The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing, The Crystal Tarot (book and card set), The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Healing, The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Chakra Healing, An Introductory Guide to Meditation and, co-written with his wife, Lyn Palmer, Sacred Stones and Crystals. He has recorded Crystal Workshop and many meditations including The Little Meditation Album Series.  Click here for more details

Nicci Roscoe is the Mind Medication Expert - "Exudes a zest for life" (You Magazine, Mail on Sunday), Reiki Master, Crystal Master Teacher and Meditation Teacher with over 40 years' experience in wellbeing behind her, as therapist, teacher, TV and radio health and fitness presenter, Nicci Roscoe is an amazing therapist and teacher in her own right working with both adults and children, employing her Mind Medication process, which includes: crystal healing, Reiki, meditation, Life Coaching, NLP and other approaches as needed. She is author of Fabulous Impact and her latest book is My Crystal Guide for children ages 7+ co-written with Philip Permutt (published June 2021). She is available for 1-2-1 treatments and private classes in most of these modalities in St Albans

Crystal Master Teacher course with Philip Permutt £825 At The Crystal Healer, St Albans book online or by phone 07808 730750

Crystal Master Teachers course workshops with Philip Permutt self healing self-healing crystal teacher course, Crystal Healing Level 4

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