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Zircon crystal - small

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Zircon crystal - small
Zircon crystal - small diamond shaped zircon crystals. Approx size 1 cm. Generic photograph, zircon crystals sold singularly.

Short square prismatic zircon crystals often octahedral, colours include; red, brown, green, grey, yellow and colourless. These are the oldest crystals on Earth some dating back 4 billion years!!!
Common source; Pakistan, Ausatralia
Astrological associations; Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius
Chakra; base
Crystal healers believe zircon crystals help; insomnia, calming, depression, pineal gland, personal magnetism, self-esteem, wisdom, allergies, aura, brings out the best in you, toughness, soul mates, relationships, purity, dependability, sciatica, bones, vertigo, muscles, poison.

Oldest crystals on Earth!

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